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About making templates for Creative Memories Storybook Creator users

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Hi ladies

I wanted to hear your oppinion, I just got a mail from a girl that offered to make all my template to .page and .sbpage, for Creative Memories Storybook Creator users. As payment she would like my kits

I have looked around and canĀ“t seem to find anything that can convert psd or tiff files, so what would you do?
Is Creative Memories Storybook Creator the next big thing so we would have to start saving in those formats too? (like we now do as .png)

All inputs would be appreciated Very Happy


Hmmm ... interesting! I would bet that person uses both and has discovered a way to manually convert the files.

I guess the question you need to answer is, are you seeing a demand for that format? I think the Creative Memories software has been around for awhile, but I haven't seen anything in any digi forums asking for (or complaining about the lack of) that product in that format. Does this person have a suggestion for how you could market products in that format to CM users? Maybe you could ask more questions of her - where does she see the need; where can you get more info about the product, etc.?

I'll be interested to here what the other designers think.


Great questions Very Happy Thanks

I have seen some of the bigger template designer (like little green frog) is already doing templates in tiff, psd, png, page and sbpage, so I guess there are some request for it


I think this takes us back to an old problem - wise use of server space. The more options that you offer your kits in, the more space it takes up on the server. I think in all honesty I'd be inclined to sit on this until I saw that there was a real demand for those file types and I'm not sure that there is, a this point in time. One to watch though I would say.

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