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1Advertising Empty Advertising on Sun Feb 19, 2012 9:28 am

Julie Mead

Julie Mead
After reading Cherly's post I would like to address advertising. Be sure to read Cheryl's post.

I have spent lots of money over the years advertising and I feel some of it has been money not well spent.
I have bought banner space, advertising space even in published hard copy magazines, and other forms.

I do think that the best advertising and the cheapest is to get layouts published.
If you get a layout published it is absolutely free and you get credit for it.

If you have ever tried to get published and gave up I would encourage you to keep at it.
There are all sorts of ezines and hard copy magazines we can try.

I think if all of us work on this together and get the CTs involved we can do a better job of using the FREE form of advertising.
My favorite place to get published is with Somerset magazine. If you have never seen one you need to go to a book store like Barnes and Noble. Look for Somerset Digital Studio or Somerset Memories. They both publish digita layouts. Somerset belongs to Stampington & Co.
Link to them: http://www.stampington.com/

Take a look around and get inspired. Get your courage up and keep sending in ideas.

Here are the calls and challenges they have coming up: http://www.stampington.com/submissions/callsChallenges.html

Now it's your turn. Get involved and share places we can get our layouts or ideas published.
When you do get published be sure to toot your own horn!

....and don't forget that Debb Cozzi is the editor of Artisan Notebook. You can contact her if you have ideas or want to see their latest call. You can purchase an ezine in our store or visit their here to find their calls: http://www.digitalscrapbookartisanguild.com/

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I love the Artisan guilt and have been published there a couple of times

But also the relative new (I think) Scrap street ezine, is a good place to try and get published, and get inspiration (and it is a free ezine so make sure to get on their mailing list)

Here is their current calls

3Advertising Empty Re: Advertising on Fri Mar 16, 2012 10:42 am


Thanks for this. Advertising's on my mind right now. Oh, and I love Stampington's mags - ALL of them! lol Can't get them here, but I stock up when I visit the US - Barnes & Noble, here I come! Very Happy

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