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Designer TOUs

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1Designer TOUs Empty Designer TOUs on Sat May 07, 2011 5:27 pm


I just read in today's newsletter that we have a new blog and although I think that's a great thing overall, I'm concerned about what will happen to the existing Designer TOU page we had at the old blog as many of my store products have a link to that page for customers to see my general TOU.

I've noticed that there's an area in the profile area of our individual, private stores where we can type in a TOU that will show in the designer window when you click on 'Search by Designer' in the boutique; however, this area is very small, too small to hold most TOU statements (I tried and it gets cut off after only a few characters). I edited mine to provide a link to the Designer TOU page of the old blog but I've notice that most everyone else is showing the default of 'None' for TOU in the 'Search by Designer' option, that could be misleading to customers... could be interpreted as the designers actually have no TOU at all.

Julie, what are your plans? Will there be a Designer TOU link added to the boutique? If not, might there be a way to enlarge the area that we have in our profiles? Also, if you do plan to eliminate the old Designer TOU blog page, can you please give me prior notice so I can update my products accordingly?

2Designer TOUs Empty Re: Designer TOUs on Sat May 07, 2011 7:17 pm

Julie Mead

Julie Mead
We can certainly create a BLOG TOU page.

Kay....did you set that up before? I'm surprised it didn't transfer with the new blog.

Rose, let me work on this when school is out. I just am swamped at the moment but let's work on it.

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