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How does one get kits to CT members who would like to work with a product?

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I thought I would throw it out and ask someone else for some possible help so as to not bother Julie all the time! Embarassed 

I was going to post something in their forum....but would like to know ahead of time how I would make the kit available to someone.

2 Sharing Kits for CT's to make pages... on Wed Jul 03, 2013 6:45 am


So far my favourite way of sharing kits is...

I use my own file share company Box - create a folder, put in all the files I want to share and then send a link to my CT Team in an e mail with any other information like when to post pages etc

They can then easily e mail me completed layouts and I save them to my pc to add in as previews etc where I need.

Then if you also want store CT to make pages you can post a request in the forum for store CT to help out too.
You would then need to correspond with any one who offers to help so you can organise things with them.

You can create coupons in your own store to send to CT's if you prefer - I am not great at using the coupon system, so hopefully someone who is good at that may explain more about that.

Hope this helps a bit
Heather flower

Julie Mead

You can also contact our own CT through the forum here. Depending on how you like to do things, some designers put links here in the forum so the CT can download right away or they have the CT contact them and then they email them a link. You can use different file sharing sites like MediaFire, Yousendit, etc. Lots of people use DropBox now too.


...thanks to you both!....


I created a forum to share my dropbox link or mediafire (you can hide some folders)...and give them ot my CT.

In my personnal forum, there is one thread for one kit...like this Ladies may put their layouts.

for newbie Ct LAdies, they can ask me to have one "old" kit if the link are no more availible...in this case i make a coupon.

As, we have private area...you can't do any mistake with the "coupons", they are restricted to YOUR personnal store

uses per coupon: it's the number of the coupon
user per coupon: it's the number of use but for ONE people

Ask me by Pm if needed
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Julie Mead

Thanks for sharing, Marina.


you are welcome Julie!!

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