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How To Set Up a Coupon in Zen Cart

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1How To Set Up a Coupon in Zen Cart Empty How To Set Up a Coupon in Zen Cart on Sat Aug 20, 2011 6:08 pm


In your personal Zen Cart > Gift Certificate/Coupons > Coupon Admin > Insert

A page will open for you to fill in the details.

Information about each choice is to the right. Leave the Free Shipping box blank. You have the choice of requiring a minimum purchase for the coupon to be effective or leave blank. Set the amount for the coupon.

Choose Preview and if everything is like you want it, choose Confirm.

Now, you can make restrictions to apply to your store.

Once you choose Confirm, it will take you back to the coupon page. You will see your coupon in the list. Choose Restrictions from the buttons to the right.

A page will open that has two sections > Category Restrictions and Product Restrictions. Under category restrictions you will see the name of your coupon and your name. The green allow button will show.

This indicates that the coupon is good for your store only.

Product Restriction section is to limit the coupon > your entire store, or to a particular kit or collection. Click selection window under Product ID and your name should appear. Choose your name and a drop down list of all your products will appear including Add All Category Products followed by the list of every kit in your store.

To indicate the coupon is good for your entire store, chose Add All Category Products > Allow > Update. The next page shows a list of all your store products with a green Allow, a red Deny and a trash Remove. All the products will be
appear green > Allow. You may edit any you wish to NOT be allowed with the coupon by checking the red Deny button for that kit. This works well if you want to deny just a few kits but allow the majority of kits.

The Second way of setting your Product Restriction is to click the drop drown list and choose each kit manually you wish the coupon applied to. Choose the kit by name > Allow > Update and you will see it added to the list.

If your coupons are for your personal CT, then a year's time will work. If your coupon is for customers, you might want to limit it to a month or so.

2How To Set Up a Coupon in Zen Cart Empty Re: How To Set Up a Coupon in Zen Cart on Sun Aug 21, 2011 2:12 am


Thanks Kay, great little tutorial Smile

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